Street Life Museum

As part of my research for my Medieval Steampunk game project, I decided that I should go and look at the kind of technology that I would likely be using in my designs. The Street Life museum in Hull has some victorian cars in the exhibits, as well as locomotives, and carriages. I also went… Continue reading Street Life Museum

The Sentencing (Part II)

Genre and Aesthetic: One of the things that every game has, is a genre, and an aesthetic style. Judging on the items that I took inspiration from, both of these things are fairly easy to state. The Genre is the type of game that it is, and gives players some immediate idea about the setting… Continue reading The Sentencing (Part II)

Level Design

The Task In this exercise, we were looking at level design. We were asked to create a model in Sketchup in order to demonstrate a simple level design. The idea was to simply mock up a level in the program to demonstrate the shape of the level that we would like to make. The idea… Continue reading Level Design