Sandbox Survival Game – The Martians

The Martian Machines The Martian Tripods are the primary fighting force of the Martian Invasion of Earth, and are the machine that the Journalist comes into contact with most during the course of the several weeks of the invasion. However, there are descriptions of the other Martian Machines that appeared on Earth during the invasion,… Continue reading Sandbox Survival Game – The Martians


What is quickdraw? Quickdraw is a speed drawing app constructed by Paul Starkey. It is used to help build the sketchers speed-drawing skills, so that they can draw simple but detailed images rapidly. The app can be found here: The name of an object or item is displayed on the screen, and the sketcher… Continue reading Quickdraw

Prop Design

The task In order to begin designing parts of our game, we had to decide what would need designing. We were instructed to write a list of 36 items that we believe would appear in the game. These items could be props, objects, or vehicles, but not environments or characters. After the list was written,… Continue reading Prop Design