Easter Egg

In one of our modules this year, we were told that there would be an Easter Egg project. The Easter egg project turned out to be a timed creation exercise. The work I managed to complete in the time follows: As you can see by the end of the document, I did not manage to finish… Continue reading Easter Egg

Street Life Museum

As part of my research for my Medieval Steampunk game project, I decided that I should go and look at the kind of technology that I would likely be using in my designs. The Street Life museum in Hull has some victorian cars in the exhibits, as well as locomotives, and carriages. I also went… Continue reading Street Life Museum

Topology and Edgeflow

Some Useful Definitions: Vertex: A vertex is a point in 3D space. Much like a grid-reference on a map. Edges: An edge is a perfectly straight line that joins two vertices. Faces: A face is the solid surface that fills the space between three or more interconnected vertices. Polygon: A polygon is a flat shape… Continue reading Topology and Edgeflow