Building the Gate

Beverley Gate Research As part of the Heritage Project that I am taking part in, one of my jobs was to construct Beverley Gate, the entrance to Hull where Sir John Hotham halted King Charles II’s entrance into the city in April 1642. There are no reliable or accurate images of Beverley Gate at the time that… Continue reading Building the Gate

Sandbox Survival Game – Mechanics

List of Mechanics for Survival Game: Achievements: My game will have achievements in, that players will gain by completing certain tasks, or performing certain feats in the game. I believe that achievements will increase the longevity of the game, by providing targets for the player to hit, if they are lacking for direction. Appointment Dynamics: I… Continue reading Sandbox Survival Game – Mechanics

Treasure Island: Inventory Research

The Gameplay Goal In my Treasure Island game, I would like the player to have as much control as possible over their character and their equipment in order to allow the player to play the game in the way that they would like. For example, whilst the main character will have a default appearance and… Continue reading Treasure Island: Inventory Research

Body Types Research

Humans have around 24,000 different genes in their bodies. It’s these gene’s that code almost every element of our appearance, from the colour of our irises, to our body type. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the most genetically un-diverse group of rebels in gaming: All of these characters of each gender… Continue reading Body Types Research

Treasure Island

The Quest: For our second semester, we have been instructed to create the basis of a Role Playing Game (RPG), including the development of an initial combat mechanic. Our RPG has to be based on a children’s book, although children don’t have to be the target audience for the final game. The books was not… Continue reading Treasure Island

Designing a Casual Game

As our first full games design project, we were instructed to come up with three ideas for casual games, based on the research that we did on casual games. We had to come up with an idea for each of these categories: – 10 – 14 (With possible IP tie-in) – 14+ (Girls) – 35+… Continue reading Designing a Casual Game

Prop Design

The task In order to begin designing parts of our game, we had to decide what would need designing. We were instructed to write a list of 36 items that we believe would appear in the game. These items could be props, objects, or vehicles, but not environments or characters. After the list was written,… Continue reading Prop Design