Sandbox Survival Game – Mechanics

List of Mechanics for Survival Game: Achievements: My game will have achievements in, that players will gain by completing certain tasks, or performing certain feats in the game. I believe that achievements will increase the longevity of the game, by providing targets for the player to hit, if they are lacking for direction. Appointment Dynamics: I… Continue reading Sandbox Survival Game – Mechanics

Sandbox Survival Game – Previous “War of the Worlds” Adaptions in Media 1

Original – “The War of the Worlds” by H.G Wells (Book) “The War of the Worlds” is a book by H.G Wells, first published in 1897. It details a  Martian invasion of London at the end of the nineteenth century. The book is written from the perspectives of the unnamed narrator and his brother, as they… Continue reading Sandbox Survival Game – Previous “War of the Worlds” Adaptions in Media 1

Treasure Island: Other RPG Research

The Quest According to the brief for this project, I have to create an RPG based on the children’s book “Treasure island”. The main theme of the book is pirates and treasure hunting. So, whilst I don’t want to follow the original plotline of the book (as the linear plot of the book doesn’t allow… Continue reading Treasure Island: Other RPG Research

Treasure Island

The Quest: For our second semester, we have been instructed to create the basis of a Role Playing Game (RPG), including the development of an initial combat mechanic. Our RPG has to be based on a children’s book, although children don’t have to be the target audience for the final game. The books was not… Continue reading Treasure Island

Street Life Museum

As part of my research for my Medieval Steampunk game project, I decided that I should go and look at the kind of technology that I would likely be using in my designs. The Street Life museum in Hull has some victorian cars in the exhibits, as well as locomotives, and carriages. I also went… Continue reading Street Life Museum

The Sentencing (Part II)

Genre and Aesthetic: One of the things that every game has, is a genre, and an aesthetic style. Judging on the items that I took inspiration from, both of these things are fairly easy to state. The Genre is the type of game that it is, and gives players some immediate idea about the setting… Continue reading The Sentencing (Part II)