Sandbox Survival Game – The Martians

The Martian Machines The Martian Tripods are the primary fighting force of the Martian Invasion of Earth, and are the machine that the Journalist comes into contact with most during the course of the several weeks of the invasion. However, there are descriptions of the other Martian Machines that appeared on Earth during the invasion,… Continue reading Sandbox Survival Game – The Martians

Body Types Research

Humans have around 24,000 different genes in their bodies. It’s these gene’s that code almost every element of our appearance, from the colour of our irises, to our body type. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the most genetically un-diverse group of rebels in gaming: All of these characters of each gender… Continue reading Body Types Research

Pencil to Paper, Outside

What is Observational Drawing? Observational drawing is the act of drawing something (be it an object, building, person, or environment) whilst you are physically observing it. Not drawing from a picture of it, no, actually going outside and sitting down near it (or in it, in the case of an environment), and drawing it. Why… Continue reading Pencil to Paper, Outside

Topology and Edgeflow

Some Useful Definitions: Vertex: A vertex is a point in 3D space. Much like a grid-reference on a map. Edges: An edge is a perfectly straight line that joins two vertices. Faces: A face is the solid surface that fills the space between three or more interconnected vertices. Polygon: A polygon is a flat shape… Continue reading Topology and Edgeflow