Designing a Casual Game

As our first full games design project, we were instructed to come up with three ideas for casual games, based on the research that we did on casual games. We had to come up with an idea for each of these categories: – 10 – 14 (With possible IP tie-in) – 14+ (Girls) – 35+… Continue reading Designing a Casual Game

Gooies and Hoods

What are GUIs and HUDs? GUI/HUD are acronyms for Graphical User interface and Heads Up Display respectively. The GUI/HUD is the way that information is displayed on the screen so that the player can see it. GUIs can be extremely simple, having only a couple of items in them, or extremely complex, displaying many, many different pieces… Continue reading Gooies and Hoods

The Global Market

Key points of British Gamers There has been a significant shift in trends in the video game world away from the stereotype of the geekish male gamer (those who played MUD at the inception of the industry), towards a more widespread and eclectic industry. 70% of British people now play video games on a regular… Continue reading The Global Market

Casual Games

What is Play? Now, before I talk about casual games, it would probably be a good idea to talk about some terms that center around games. The first one I’ll talk about is play. You do have to play games after all. Play Wales, an organisation which works to promote children’s rights to play and… Continue reading Casual Games