Paperwork and Legislation in Games Design

There are many pieces of paperwork and legislation designed to protect people, concepts, and products in the gaming industry. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA): An NDA is a kind of contract that prevents the signer from speaking about certain things. Usually, this would pertain to elements of an unreleased game, as the company does not want facts about the… Continue reading Paperwork and Legislation in Games Design

My Favourite 3D Designers

Caroline Miousse Caroline Miousse is currently an Assistant Art Director working at Ubisoft Montreal. At the beginning of her career, she spent almost five years working at bEHAVIOUR studios in Canada, before moving on to Ubisoft in 2006. She has worked on several of Ubisoft’s titles, beginning with Scaler (2004), and Surfs Up (2007). More recently, she has worked on most… Continue reading My Favourite 3D Designers