Console Game Analysis

Street fighter IV – XBOX 360 The first game I played was Street Fighter IV on the XBOX 360. It is a 2-player fighting game, where players battle each other to deplete their opponent’s health and therefore win the match. Due to the fact that the game is entirely based on competition and battle, it… Continue reading Console Game Analysis

Browser Game Analysis

N – The Way of the Ninja N is a 2D platforming game made by Metanet software. The player plays as a ninja who must make his way to the end of each level, whilst avoiding being hit by any of the hazards and obstacles that appear in each environment, as well as collecting as… Continue reading Browser Game Analysis

Critical Perspectives and Academic Arguments

When writing an essay, it is necessary for us to construct an argument. There are correct and incorrect ways to construct these arguments however, and here is where I am going to record how to construct one of these academic arguments. What is a Critical Perspective, and an Academic agument? A critical perspective looks at… Continue reading Critical Perspectives and Academic Arguments

“What Is New Media?” Essay

The Essay: This essay will examine the question, “What is new Media?” in order to define what New Media is. The major ideas, authors, and works that will be examined are Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” (1964); Vin Crosbie’s “What is new media?” (1998); and Sherry Turkle’s “The Second Self: Computers and… Continue reading “What Is New Media?” Essay

Marshall McLuhan, Video Games, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This essay talks about video games in the context of Marshall McLuhan’s thought of seeing all kinds of media as extensions of ourselves. It talks about how video games are an extension of our imagination, just as wheels are extensions of our legs. One of the main goals of modern video games is immersion. The… Continue reading Marshall McLuhan, Video Games, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

GUI Analysis

Minecraft: In Minecraft, the players status is displayed along the top of the screen (with health and armour on the left, and hunger on the right). This keep both of the icons out of the way, and in a good position to be read. When we read a book, magazine, or newspaper, the text begins… Continue reading GUI Analysis

The Real-World, Gamified

Royal Marines, Green Ops Green Ops Title screen Royal Marines Green Ops is an in-browser game designed as a recruitment aid for the Royal Marines. IT follows the story of a squad of Royal Marine Commandos on an assignment to capture a High Value Target (HVT). The player is presented with a brief before the… Continue reading The Real-World, Gamified