Building the Gate

Beverley Gate Research As part of the Heritage Project that I am taking part in, one of my jobs was to construct Beverley Gate, the entrance to Hull where Sir John Hotham halted King Charles II’s entrance into the city in April 1642. There are no reliable or accurate images of Beverley Gate at the time that… Continue reading Building the Gate

Easter Egg

In one of our modules this year, we were told that there would be an Easter Egg project. The Easter egg project turned out to be a timed creation exercise. The work I managed to complete in the time follows: As you can see by the end of the document, I did not manage to finish… Continue reading Easter Egg

Prop Design

The task In order to begin designing parts of our game, we had to decide what would need designing. We were instructed to write a list of 36 items that we believe would appear in the game. These items could be props, objects, or vehicles, but not environments or characters. After the list was written,… Continue reading Prop Design

An introduction to 3Ds Max

Why 3Ds Max? As part of this games design course, I have to learn to utilise 3D software that is more complex than SketchUp. One of the industry standard pieces of software is Autodesk 3Ds Max. This is a piece of software that I have never used before, but is vital for me to master… Continue reading An introduction to 3Ds Max

Level Design

The Task In this exercise, we were looking at level design. We were asked to create a model in Sketchup in order to demonstrate a simple level design. The idea was to simply mock up a level in the program to demonstrate the shape of the level that we would like to make. The idea… Continue reading Level Design