Building the Gate

Beverley Gate Research As part of the Heritage Project that I am taking part in, one of my jobs was to construct Beverley Gate, the entrance to Hull where Sir John Hotham halted King Charles II’s entrance into the city in April 1642. There are no reliable or accurate images of Beverley Gate at the time that… Continue reading Building the Gate

Physically Based Rendering Experiment

What is Physically Based Rendering? As part of the Heritage Project that I am we are taking part in, we have been instructed that our final environments must be completed and rendered using a process called Physically Based Rendering (PBR). This new method has modified lighting calculations that more realistically mimic how lighting works in… Continue reading Physically Based Rendering Experiment

The Buildup to the English Civil War

The English Civil War The First English Civil War took place across England and the British Isles between 1642 and 1646. The relationship between the King (Charles I) had become strained in the decade or so leading up to the beginning of the First English Civil war. in between the years of 1629 and 1640,… Continue reading The Buildup to the English Civil War