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Me, Myself, and GUI

So, a little about myself…

Favourite Books: The Hunger Games series (Suzanne Collins); Zombie Apocalypse! series (Stephen Jones and others); Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (Max Brallier); Harry Potter series (J.K Rowling); World War Z (Max Brooks); Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks).

Favourite Films: The Hunger Games; Captain America; World War Z; Thor; Iron Man; Harry Potter series; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Les Miserables; Star Wars series; Disney’s Zootropolis; Studio Ghibli films.

Favourite Games (What? I am on a Games Design Degree): Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I + II; Star Wars: Empire at War; Star Wars: Battlefront; Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance; Mass Effect I + II + III; Sid Meier’s: Pirates; Sid Meier’s: Railroads; Spore; Assassin’s Creed series.

Favourite Artists (3D and otherwise): Andreas Rocha (DIgital artist); Tor Frick (3D artist); Craig Mullins (Concept artist); Gareth Sleightholme (Illustration, Games Design); Roy Lichtenstein (Pop artist); John Keane (Impressionist-esque artist); Robert Simons (Concept artist); Banksy (Street art); Thomas Dworzak (Photographer); Donovan Wylie (Photohgrapher); Masumi Hayashi (Photographer); Johnny Joo (Photographer); Vance Kovaks (Concept artist), Johnson Ting (Concept Artist).

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