Games Technology in Public Spaces 1

Hull City of Culture Display – Made in Hull – The Deep

This video shows a small section of one of the Made in Hull displays that happened between the 1st and 7th of January 2017. This display shows the changing levels of migration and immigration that have happened through the port of Hull throughout History. The animation contains a mix of video footage, 3D models, and still images. Many of the processes that will have gone into making this video will have been the same kind of processes that go into making a game, either 3D or 2D. For example, many games utilise 3D model-making pieces of software to make assets and environments. These models than have to be unwrapped, textured, and animated; as they would have to be for use in a 3D game. For a 2D game, sprites also have to be created and animated.

Hull City of Culture Display – Bowhead – Maritime Museum

Bowhead is another display for the Hull City of Culture Celebrations 2017, on display in the Hull Maritime Museum between 2nd January and the 19th March 2017. It is an animated movie showing a 3D modelled Greenland Right whale, in order to draw attention to the City’s whaling heritage. Although the final product of the process was a pre-rendered video, the elements were made and animated in the same way that a video game would have been. The 3D model was made and unwrapped in a 3D modelling programme, textures were made using an image manipulation programme, and the animation was done using games animation software.

3D Televisions – The Deep

15943481_1803965916526811_990260444_oThis is an image of one of the 3D television screens in The Deep. The screens display fantasy scenes from prehistoric ages, to allow viewers to see what we believe the prehistoric rivers, seas, and oceans looked like. The models for the environments, plants, and creatures would have to be made using 3D modelling software, and will have had to be made accurately to scale with the fossils that have been uncovered, as well as making the textures of the creatures look as we believe that they appeared. Working from real-life images and to real-life scale is something that happens often in the games design industry, as it makes the environments and assets feel more realistic.

Why is this Useful

These two installations show that the skills learned designing and making 3D and 2D games are transferable to other areas. This Means that it is possible to get a job in almost any kind of industry that uses 3D modelling and/or 3D design, such as the movie making industry, Architecture industry, and the advertising industry.

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