Easter Egg

In one of our modules this year, we were told that there would be an Easter Egg project. The Easter egg project turned out to be a timed creation exercise. The work I managed to complete in the time follows:


As you can see by the end of the document, I did not manage to finish the project within the three hour time limit for the project. I believe that this was in part due to the fact that I took too long to design the kiosk, rather than doing fewer designs and leaving myself more time to complete and render the final model. The model is also not very detailed or elegant, and  could be improved in order to fit in better with the organic environment, as the current models are very striaght-edged, and are supposed to be curved.

However, I am happy overall with the design of the kiosk, server, and its extra equipment. I am also pleasex with the design of the document itself as I believe that the fonts I chose suit the brief and fhe designs very well, although I need more of an explanation of why I  hose the ideas that I did instead of the other ideas.

Although I did not finish the exercise in the allotted time I think this was a very helpful task, as it showed me just how difficult designing at speed is and producing a design documentnat tfhe same time. For the future, I will keep practising so that I can design and make models at speed.


Font:Earth Orbiter
Author: Iconian fonts (http://www.iconian.com)
Source: http://www.dafont.com/earth-orbiter.font

Style reference image: World Building Institute, (2016) Doug Chiang | World Building Institute [online] Available from: http://worldbuilding.institute/people/doug-chiang [Accessed: 8th December 2016]


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