What is quickdraw?
Quickdraw is a speed drawing app constructed by Paul Starkey. It is used to help build the sketchers speed-drawing skills, so that they can draw simple but detailed images rapidly. The app can be found here: www.paul-starkey.com/quick_draw/app/main.html

The name of an object or item is displayed on the screen, and the sketcher is given either 15, 30, or 60 seconds to draw it, before the object on screen changes to something else.


The real test of this app is if you can tell what the drawings are, a little while after you have drawn them. So, here we go:
From left to right, as you would read: don’t know, tube, Rhino, church, fire extinguisher, recording equipment, police chase, pyramids, a Dragon, a globe, a dog in a basket, giraffe, the shopping, a camera on a tripod.

From left to right, as you would read: Pig, bucket, shop counter, human hand, candles, a skip full of doors, don’t know, a cafĂ© table, a flying car, don’t know, decorating, a battleship, a bookshelf, a cat in a basket.

And finally, an adventurer.


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