Treasure Island: The RPG Intro

The Book’s Story

The story of the book revolves around the tale of the “Hispaniola” and it’s crew, which mutiny against the officers in an attempt to steal the treasure buried on the island. The officers, along with their still loyal crewmen and Jim Hawkins, manage to escape before they are killed. Jim Hawkins sneaks away from his allies one night and steals the ship from the pirates. Meanwhile, the hostile crew members, led by Long John Silver, begin to die off, and a ceasefire is negotiated by the pirates in order to gain the doctors expertise and medicines. However, the pirates capture Jim Hawkins and take him hostage. The Pirates, with Jim in tow, make off to find the treasure, only when they reach the place that it is marked on the map, it is gone. In a rage, the pirates attempt to depose and kill Silver. Jim and Silver escape, and find the other members and officers of the crew. Together, they manage to stow some of the gold, which was taken by the previously marooned pirate Ben Gunn, on the Hispaniola and escape. They dock in port one night to restock, and Silver takes some of the gold and a small boat and leaves, never to be heard of again.

My Introduction

It is a sunny day in the middle of summer when your father returns. He has been away for six months to work as a labourer on a trading vessel. You understand that it is good money,and helps you to live as you do, but you hate the time that he has to spend away from you. Something, however, is different this time. He embraces you and your mother happily, as he usually does, but as he looks at you, he seems to be full of barely contained excitement.

The evening in the inn continues as any other would, aside from your father talking with several other members of the crew that have returned with him, until around ten o’clock, as you are going to bed. Your father calls you into his study, his excitement from earlier seeming to have finally boiled over. He embraces you roughly and makes you sit, handing you what appears to be a small glass of expensive brandy. You drink a mouthful of the rich liquid before listening avidly to what your father is saying.

He relays to you the story of an attack on his ship, the Evergreen, by a band of pirates. When they attempted to board the ship, the crew were entirely surprised by the sword skill of the traders, and the attack was easily repelled. During the attack, you learn, your father killed one of the buccaneers. When the attack was over he searched the body and discovered a map. He produces a piece of worn parchment from the inner pocket of his jacket, unravels it, and lays it flat on the table. It is around 12 inches square, and appears to be the top right square of a larger map. You can tell that the map used to be beautifully decorated, as the two outside edges are decorated with red and gold patterns, and several runes are sketched on the surface. On the reverse side of the map, the name ‘Andrew Sparrow’ is written.

Your father continues to talk as you examine the map, telling you that he intends to find the other pieces of the map and hire a crew to discover whatever it is that the map points to. As you begin to protest, but your father silences you excitedly, telling you that when he does find the other pieces, he intends to take you with him. You grin as he embraces you roughly, before bidding you to finish your brandy and go to bed before you mother gets suspicious. You cannot sleep for the excitement. You will finally, finally, get to go on one of you fathers adventures.


Several evenings later, whilst your father is out running some errands, a shaggy old seaman enters the inn and sits heavily at the bar. He places several gold coins on the bartop and says that he’ll have as much rum as it’ll buy him. You have no idea how much rum the gold coins are worth, but the look on your mothers face tells you that it’s probably a significantly anti-social amount.

During the course of the evening, and after draining a certainly unhealthy amount of glasses, he begins to talk animatedly with another group of shaggy looking characters in the corner of the bar. Whilst clearing the table of a young couple who have just left, you hear the name ‘Andrew Sparrow’ mentioned and immediately tense, straining to listen to the rest of the conversation. After several seconds, you ascertain that the man with the gold coins was part of the pirate party that attacked your fathers ship, and was the previous owner of the map. You debate running to tell your mother, until you hear that one of his fellow pirates stole the map shortly before the attack, and he now has no idea of its whereabouts.

When your father returns an hour or so later, you relay the story of the old seaman to him, but he seems unconcerned, explaining that news of the attack was widespread, and Andrew Sparrow was the name of a famous pirate. The seaman was probably just bragging to make himself look better. You nod in agreement, but are not entirely convinced by you fathers words.

As the pair of you walk into the bar, your mother explains that the seaman had used his funds to book a room for the night, and is upstairs asleep. Your father nods and tells you to go to bed whilst he helps your mother in the bar.


You are so full of worry for your father and the map that you struggle to sleep. You rise at first light and get dressed, intending to go for a walk along the dock, hoping that the saltiness will clear your head. On your way past the bar, there are noises of shuffling, smashing, and harsh whispering coming from within. Stopping at the door, which is ajar, you peek through the gap and see five men ransacking the place. One of the men looks up from behind the bar, and looks straight into your eyes. He shouts and points and you turn to bolt, but are stopped when someone wraps their arms around your waist. You scream and kick, but the assailant locks you in position by gripping your mouth and jaw, hard.

Your assailant lifts you off your feet and drags you into the room. The leader of the assailants is dressed in a very ornate red captains coat and a large captains hat, but neither of these things is what grabs your attention first. You realise almost immediately that he only has one leg. His other is made of wood. It is this feature alone the allows you to recognise him, this is the infamous pirate Captain, Long John Silver.

You stare at him, dumbfounded, all thoughts of escape gone. With a simple wave of his hand, Silver motions over a man standing behind him, who is dressed in a bottle green captains jacket, with a veil over his eyes. As soon as you look at him, you can feel a pull behind your eyes, and you lose control of your limbs, the man holding you lets you go, and you slump to the ground, your eyes never leaving the green-coated mans face, as all your memories seem to play at lighting speed in front of your eyes, until it reaches the image of the map on the table the night your father came home. You barely notice the man grinning and nodding at Silver as he looks away from you and your memories are put back inside your head. The green coated man addresses on of the other pirates, telling him the exact location of the map.

You turn your head as the door to the bar flies open. Your father leaps into the room, sword drawn. Immediately, one of the pirates attempts to seize him, but your father stabs him through the abdomen. Blue light flies from the Green-coated mans hand, and strikes your father across the chest, making him fall to the floor, unmoving. The injured pirate stumbles from the room, and re-enters a minute later, a grin on his face, waving the map in the air.

Your body won’t respond to your instructions as you attempt to move towards your father, but fear has paralysed you. Even as the pirates leave the inn, laughing to themselves, your body still won’t respond. Silver drops several gold coins in front of you, whispering a gruff ‘For the trouble’ in your ear, before he leaves the inn.

Finally, your brain allows you to move again, and you rush to your father, immediately feeling for his pulse. His neck, chest, and face are badly scarred, but he is alive. Relief, fear and adrenaline flood through you, and you weep onto your fathers chest.


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