Body Types Research

Humans have around 24,000 different genes in their bodies. It’s these gene’s that code almost every element of our appearance, from the colour of our irises, to our body type. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the most genetically un-diverse group of rebels in gaming:


All of these characters of each gender have the same body type. All of the males are the same, as are all of the females. All of the men are the same height, all of the women are the same height (Though slightly shorter than the men), and they all share the same slight, skinny body type. I don’t know about you, but if I was preparing to fight alongside Gordon Freeman against a race of inter-dimensional aliens using genetically modified humans to oppress civilisation… I’d probably hit the gym a few times.

This method of assembling characters is often used in games in order to make the file sizes smaller. Having the computer generate characters from a small selection of pre-made parts is better for gamers than to design hundreds of individual characters from scratch, which would make the game huge. This does, however, mean that all of the characters have to have the same body size and build.

However, in spite of the practicalities, it is still highly unrealistic. Aside from their actual appearance, humans have different body types, with different frames and features. These different body types are called somatotypes.



People with an extreme ectomorph body type are quite tall and thin, and tend to have little body fat or muscle. Extreme ectomorphs have a very high rate of metabolism, so they find it difficult to gain weight, but also find it very hard to build any kind of muscle.

However, neither of these eventualities is impossible, they will just become an overweight or muscular endomorph.



Extreme Mesomorphs are naturally muscular, and have a build to suit this feature. They have broad shoulders and a large chest, as well as being naturally athletic. Extreme mesomorphs find it quite easy to develop muscle, but gain weight more easily than extreme ectomorphs.

However, it is not impossible for a mesomorph to gain fat, they would just become an overweight mesomorph.



Extreme endomorphs gain fat much more easily than mesomorphs and ectomorphs, and find it much more difficult to lose. Their shorter, stockier build, however, makes their legs naturally stronger than mesomorphs and ectomorphs.

It is not impossible that and endomorph can be muscular or skinny, they just become a muscular or skinny endomorph.

Somatotype Numbers

It is extremely rare to fit any of these body types perfectly, as they are based on extreme characteristics (Hence why they are referred to as extreme ectomorphs, extreme mesomorphs, and extreme endomorphs). Most people have a combination of features from each of these body types. The level of conformity with each body type is given in a somatotype number.

A somatotype number is a three digit number, with the first number representing the endomorph type, the second representing the mesomorph type, and the third representing the ectomorph type. Each digit is between on and seven for the level of conformity with that type (1 for none, 7 for maximum). Hence, extreme endomorphs are given the number 711, extreme mesomorphs are 171, and extreme ectomorphs are 117. A completely average human would have a somatotype number of 444, a complete average of all of the different types.


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