Video Project

So, a film project in a games design course. May sound odd, except that making videos is likely to become important as a way of presenting our work, suck as using the skills we gain to make show-reels, vlogs, or demonstration videos.

For our first project in this video section, we were given a brief to produce a video of one of our own interests. The only stipulation for the video was that it had to be longer than three minutes. Other than that, we pretty much had free reign on its contents (well, within the limits of common decency). This immediately presents a problem to someone who has not received an open ended project. Choice is a fantastic thing… until you have too much of it, then it becomes an issue. The issue is now sorted, however, and I have the idea for the project.

Idea 1:

The first idea I had was to make an introduction video for the Hull School of Art and Design (HSAD), using a style where I would walk around with the camera in my hands and talk about the rooms and things that I pass around the university. This would make it feel like a personal tour, rather than a boring introduction video.

Idea 2:

The second idea that I came up with was to create an introduction video for the city of Hull, rather than just for HSAD. This would give the people coming to the university more of a broad picture of the city, rather than just what is in and around the university site. I would do this in the same style as the HSAD introduction video, so as to make it feel more like a personal tour, rather than a bog-standard introduction video.

Idea 3:

The third idea that came to mind, was to recreate a video I made during my BTEC in Interactive media. The idea of the project was to make a title video for the television Series ‘Gotham’ on channel 5, set to a shortened version of the song ‘Ticking Bomb’ by Aloe Blacc. I have always wanted a chance to reshoot the video, as I was not happy with the outcome the first time, and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Idea 4:

My fourth idea was to shoot a tutorial video on something that I really struggled with when I first began doing creative courses, the creative process. I wanted to do it in the style of a presentation, as if it were being taught in a lesson, and use visuals rather than just have me talking about it.

Idea development sheets


Initial script



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