Designing a Casual Game

As our first full games design project, we were instructed to come up with three ideas for casual games, based on the research that we did on casual games. We had to come up with an idea for each of these categories:
– 10 – 14 (With possible IP tie-in)
– 14+ (Girls)
– 35+ (Genre)

10 – 14 Market

The idea that I had for the 10 – 14 market was to create a game which was essentially “Hill Climb Racing” meets “Bad Piggies”. The idea of the game would be to build a contraption to move, break, or avoid the obstacles between the start and finish lines, so that the player can get their vehicle into the win zone.

This is the Design sheet I made for this idea:



As you can see, this design sheet includes a brief sketch of an example level and a few designs for vehicles and characters.

14+ Girls Market

For my 14+ Girls game, my idea was to create a party planning game, where the player has to select all the elements of the party in order to keep her friends having fun, avoid arguments, and keep her parents happy. The game would be displayed with isometric environments, and 2D characters.

This is the design sheet I made for this idea:


The design sheet for this idea includes examples of the things that the player would be able to make a decision on, and the goals of the game, as well as a sketch of what the screen could look like on a tablet

35+ Genre Market

For my 35+ game, I decided to use the city building genre. The idea for the game, was that the player took control of a bus company. The player would be attempting to keep making a profit, whilst keeping passengers happy. The player would use their finger to draw routes on the road in the birds eye view of the city, and click on stops to see information about them.

This is the design sheet I made for this idea:


The design sheet includes some initial ideas on the types of buses that the player could obtain through the game, and some of the ways that the player could improve those buses as the game goes forwards, as well as an example of the graphics in the game, and how the player interacts with the game.

The Chosen One

I had to present these ideas to the class in a presentation. During the presentation, I used the whiteboard to draw images on to demonstrate what I meant by the descriptions I was making. At the end of the presentation, the group decided that the 10 – 14 idea was the best idea of the three, and so that should be the one that I make.




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