Street Life Museum

As part of my research for my Medieval Steampunk game project, I decided that I should go and look at the kind of technology that I would likely be using in my designs. The Street Life museum in Hull has some victorian cars in the exhibits, as well as locomotives, and carriages. I also went into the Hull and East Riding museum, because they have a collection of historical objects such as swords and artefacts that may be useful for taking inspiration from.

Street Life museum:

The Hull Street Life museum is a free visitor attraction run by Hull City Council. The museum covers 200 years of transport in total, with Victorian carriages, early steam cars, and Trams. The attraction also includes a free automated carriage ride and a realistic 1940s street scene.


East Riding Museum:

The East riding museum covers the history of the Hull and East Yorkshire area, from pre-historic times, through to modern day man, focusing on the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages; The Roman Occupation; and Medieval Britain. The attraction also holds the recovered wreckage of the Iron Age Hasholme boat.



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