The Sentencing (Part II)

Genre and Aesthetic:

One of the things that every game has, is a genre, and an aesthetic style. Judging on the items that I took inspiration from, both of these things are fairly easy to state.

The Genre is the type of game that it is, and gives players some immediate idea about the setting of the game, and the gameplay. For example, the genre for my game is Fantasy; and Action, Adventure RPG. Without having to read anything about what the game is actually about, I can already tell that the game is probably going to be set in a fictional universe, and include many things that are fantastical or mythological, such as Elves, Griffins, Fairies, and other such creatures. The second part of the genre tells me that the gameplay is likely to include combat, some kind of progressive story or journey, as well as elements where the player decides the outcome of a situation, and deals with the consequences later.

The Aesthetic for my game is also fairly easy to see. The aesthetic is what the game looks like, weather it’s a 2D platformer or a fully immersive and realistic 3D environment. My game immediately lends itself to a fully immersive 3D environment, being a large-scale, open world action adventure game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is the aesthetic that I chose to work with. However, there is no reason that I couldn’t make the same game using the a 2D platformer aesthetic, so it would have the same mechanics but look like Terraria.

Therefore, the final genre and aesthetic for the game will be:
3D Immersive; Fantasy, Action, Adventure RPG.


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