Level Design

The Task

In this exercise, we were looking at level design. We were asked to create a model in Sketchup in order to demonstrate a simple level design. The idea was to simply mock up a level in the program to demonstrate the shape of the level that we would like to make. The idea was to only make a quick design, with no specific detailing, just to get the shape of the level and the objectives that would be in place.

The Level


Front and Isometric view of the Level

This is the level I designed. It is the main halls and compound of the Mage’s Guild. The large building at the rear of the compound is the Guildhall and main headquarters of the Imperial Mages Guild. The smaller buildings towards the front gate are various training schools and accommodation. The compound would be surrounded by a moat and a forest.

The Objectives

The main aim of the level/mission is for the player and their team of allies to help defend the compound from attack.


The fight begins at the front gate, until the enemy force becomes so overwhelming that the player must retreat down the walkway.


The combat continues down the walkway…


… until the players reach the hall itself. Here, the players would group up with several mages from the guild that are still holding out against the attackers.


The player, and their allies must defend the circle of mages whilst they conduct a ritual to defend the guild, and help get rid of the attackers.


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