The Real-World, Gamified

Royal Marines, Green Ops

RMGO screen1
Green Ops Title screen

Royal Marines Green Ops is an in-browser game designed as a recruitment aid for the Royal Marines. IT follows the story of a squad of Royal Marine Commandos on an assignment to capture a High Value Target (HVT). The player is presented with a brief before the mission begins, telling them the objectives they have to reach throughout the mission.

RMGO screen2
Mission Objectives

During the course of the mission, the player will come to several points where they have to choose one of two options within a set time limit. One of the options is correct, and one incorrect, but the player does not know which decision is correct, and which is not.

RMGO screen3
The first decision

The idea for the game was to give a quick overview of weather the player was a suitable candidate for recruitment into the Royal Marines. When the mission is complete, the game gives an overview of how well the player did, based on the decisions that they made throughout the mission.


The game includes these mechanics:
– Puzzles: The player must make decisions on which route to take.
– Countdowns: The time the player has to make the decision is limited.
– Feedback: The game gives feedback on how the player did when the mission is completed, aborted, or failed.


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