Jetman: Origins


Dear readers,

As you have likely already deduced, using your Sherlock Holmes-esque powers of deduction, this is my repository for the entirety of my University work for my BA (hons) Games Design Course at the Hull School of Art and Design (HSAD). The intention is, that this blog will be full of good pieces of art, 3D design, and be an interesting evaluations, as documents for my design processes and idea development. Although, having said that anyone is welcome to read, look at, comment on, and criticize the work displayed here. In fact, this is welcomed as part of my creative process, you cannot improve without knowing where the improvement is needed.

I look forwards to your comments and participation, sincerely,


Me, Myself, and GUI

So, a little about myself…

Favourite Books: The Hunger Games series (Suzanne Collins); Zombie Apocalypse! series (Stephen Jones and others); Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (Max Brallier); Harry Potter series (J.K Rowling); World War Z (Max Brooks); Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks).

Favourite Films: The Hunger Games; Captain America; World war Z; Thor; Iron Man; Harry Potter series; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Les Miserables; Star Wars series; Studio Ghibli films.

Favourite Games (What? I am on a Games Design Degree): Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I + II; Star Wars: Empire at War; Star Wars: Battlefront; Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance; Mass Effect I + II + III; Sid Meier’s: Pirates; Sid Meier’s: Railroads; Spore; Assassin’s Creed series.

Favourite Artists (3D and otherwise): Andreas Rocha (DIgital artist); Tor Frick (3D artist); Craig Mullins (Concept artist); Gareth Sleightholme (Illustration, Games Design); Roy Lichtenstein (Pop artist); John Keane (Impressionist-esque artist); Robert Simons (Concept artist); Banksy (Street art); Thomas Dworzak (Photographer); Donovan Wylie (Photohgrapher); Masumi Hayashi (Photographer); Johnny Joo (Photographer).

My Creative Process

Creative Process

For a more in-depth look at this creative process, see this video here, courtesy of my YouTube channel:


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